The Physical Abilities Test

March 8, 2006

A couple of days after my polygraph (see last post), I reported to the Temple Building, bright and early, to take the Physical Abilities Test (PAT). It was a freaking joke. I wanted to laugh.

Before taking the PAT, we were put into groups of six. Each group then cycled through all of the three test events.

The first event is a sidestep exercise, which allegedly measures one’s coordination. You start on a center line. There is a line four feet to your left, and anther line four feet to your right. When the command is given, you must sidestep to the right line, then all the way over to the left. You must repeat this as many times as you can in ten seconds. All candidates must do this twice. An average of both attempts will be your final score.

After that is a cable pull to measure your strength. You are given some sort of contraption with two handles. You must place both your hands on the handles, hold it chest high and pull the contraption apart. Of course, you can’t pull the contraption apart, because it is all one piece of metal. It does, however, have some sort of sensor on it, which measures how much weight you are pulling. You get to do this three times. Your final score is the average of all three trials.

The last event on the agenda is a stationary bicycle ride, to measure your endurance. This, by far, is the most strenuous test. The stationary bike is set at a certain resistance. You’ve got to petal as fast as you can for two minutes. Your final score is the number of times petaled during that time. Although this was a little bit taxing, it wasn’t even enough to break a sweat.

After you finish all three events, my group was directed to wait outside of the building. About ten minutes later, a lady came out and gave us an index card with our names and an indication as to whether or not we passed the test. It was either a pass or a fail. None of us were given any scores. Nor were we even told what a passing score is.

I, of course, passed.

I’m back home now. I guess it’s a waiting game now. Hopefully they’ll assign a background investigator to my file soon. I’m eager to start. I may not write for a while. I hear these things (background investigations) take forever.


One Response to “The Physical Abilities Test”

  1. Jasmin said

    How far along are you in the process now? I am entirely done, I just (embarrasing enough) need to retake the PAT.

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