First Step

October 5, 2005

After looking over the Los Angeles Police Department recruitment website several times, and thinking about the direction of my future, I decided to give it a shot. At the time of this writing, the Los Angeles Police Department offers its written test six times a week, Monday through Saturday. I went to see my travel agent, booked my flight and flew out to sunny Los Angeles.

I took the written test at the Personnel Building, at 700 E. Temple St., near the downtown area. There must have been roughly 30 other applicants with me. There were a handful of women among us, and a few minorities. There seemed to be representation from all walks of life.

All in all, the written test was not all that difficult. It was comprised of two parts: multiple-choice, grammar-related questions, followed by an essay question. We were given 60 minutes to complete the first part of the exam, and another 30 minutes to complete our essays. Although I don’t want to say as an absolute fact that I did well on the test, I will say that it seemed rather easy.

One memorable thing about the test was the number of applicants who seemed thoroughly confused by the test questions. There were a few people, it appeared, who could not finish the test in the time allotted. I wonder how many people will be weeded out of the application process simply by failing this test?


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